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Szerkesztőségünket a XXIII Sinergie annual Congress szervezői felkérték a “Corporate governance and strategic communication. Is communication taking over?” című konferencia felhívásának közlésére. A felhívás közzétételének szívesen teszünk eleget.



XXIII Sinergie annual Congress

Corporate governance and strategic communication

Is communication taking over?

November 10-11, 2011

IULM University, Milan, Italy

How prominent and strategic has the role of communication become in the governance of complex organizations, both private and public?

To what extent is the communication called upon to participate in, and support strategic decisions at corporate and business levels?

Is communication able to offer a meaningful contribution to the decisions made in the most established business areas such as finance, marketing and production?

Does it make sense to speak about a communication-oriented organization, or rather an organization in which communication helps to guide and influence all major decision making processes?

In other words, Is communication taking over?

  • Corporate reputation management;
  • Communication, brand and value creation;
  • Creativity, innovation and communication;
  • Communication and change management;
  • Intellectual, relational, economical capital and communication;
  • Governance, value and stakeholder relationship management;
  • Local systems, territories and communication;
  • Communication, local cultures and internationalization;
  • Communication and corporate decision making processes;
  • Theories of the firm and communication.

Academics and practitioners are invited to submit papers, in English or Italian, relating to the themes of the congress.

Important Dates: Deadline for Abstracts : 16 May 2011.

The XXIII Sinergie annual Congress is organized with the support of IULM University and Euprera

Bővebb információ: http://www.en.sinergiecongress2011.it/